An Easy Steamed Okra Recipe

Okra is one of my all-time favorite vegetables. I'm from Iloilo and we love making Laswa (a delicious vegetable soup) which is usually served with lots of Okra. I'm going to share the recipe for Laswa next time. For now, let's talk about another easy recipe - Steamed Okra.


250g Fresh Okra

Optional: Salt and Pepper to taste. You can also add some butter


  1. Clean the Okra with water and a bit of vinegar in a bowl.

  2. Cut of the stems but make sure that you don't cut the pods themselves or the Okra will lose it's juice and become sad, saggy pods.

  3. Optional: sprinkle some salt and pepper in the Okra pods. I find this unnecessary since the pods are flavorful on their own but a little seasoning would be good to to as some extra flavor.

  4. Steam the Okra for 7-10 minutes in a Steamer. An alternative method of cooking would be to place the Okra in a bowl with a tablespoon of water and microwave for 4 minutes or until tender.

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