Try This Simple, Delicious Kangkong (Water Spinach) and Garlic Recipe

Kangkong (or Water Spinach) is a very popular vegetable not only in the Philippines but around the entire Asia-Pacific region. It is one of the cheapest vegetables around because it's a 'pest' that can practically grow anywhere. Asians eventually found out that when you saute Kangkong in garlic, some fish sauce (patis), and oyster sauce, it becomes a really delicious dish that explodes with flavor. I personally love cooking this dish because it's cheap, nutritious, and it's so easy to make.

Ingredients: 300g (1 bunch) of Kangkong

8 Cloves of Garlic

Minced2 Tablespoons of Oyster Sauce

1 Tablespoon of Fish Sauce (or to taste)

2-3 Tablespoons Vegetable Oil


  1. Clean the Kangkong in a bowl of water and vinegar. Remove the tough ends of the Kangkong stems, separate the stems from the leaves, and cut the stems up to have 1 inch pieces.

  2. Fry around half of the garlic on the frying pan until light brown. Remove the garlic from the pan and set aside.

  3. With the remaining oil, stir in the rest of the garlic and stir fry for around 1 minute. Add in the Kangkong stems and cook for around 3 minutes or until tender, Add in the oyster sauce and mix well.

  4. Mix in the Kangkong leaves and cook for around 1 minute or until wilted. Add about 1 Tablespoon of Fish Sauce or to taste.

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